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Organize your prize game with AD MIND!

The prize games make the products current, and in the future they will increase the sales of the same!

As a company owner, you are always searching for new ways to engage your customers. Sometimes this means offering coupons, loyalty programs or just using marketing channels such as SMS and Viber, but the idea of ​​organizing a prize game can be a great way to promote the brand!

You can use the prize games for various purposes: promoting products and services to existing customers, creating a new target group, increasing your database or mailing lists, etc. In other words, the idea of ​​organizing a prize game can match almost any business goal you have!

It can increase the response rate of clients by as much as 17 percent and generally improve their impact on your business. However, a successful prize depends on a combination of marketing strategy and product.

AD MIND provides complete support in organizing SMS and Viber prize games.

Why start a Viber or SMS prize game?


SMS and Viber are ideal channel for organizing prize games. Simply and quickly, by sending an SMS or Viber message, the user takes part in the rewards draw. The most common models of SMS or Viber prize games are the sending of an account number or a unique code and personal information.

AD MIND offers 24/7 support, a specially created award-winning application, a unique short code or SMS and a Viber number, the ability to send an automated reply and SMS bulk, a complete reporting system made according to your requirements, as well as providing a database of all data stored in e - form!

What are the benefits of prize-winning games?

Quick and easy registration of participation

Direct communication with consumers

Tracking the number of logins in real time

      Tracking customer reactions to the marketing campaign

Forming a customer base


Filter the database by the desired parameters

For more information, contact our sales agent!
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